Cargo Handling

Tri-Star Cargo Handling was the group’s first company. This business unit is responsible for handling cargo for a number of different airlines, as well as for the procedures required for completing all documentation for the Mantra system and the internal systems used by our partner airlines. Tri-Star Cargo Handling also monitors and manages domestic and international cargo transactions.



The perfect solution for your cargo, from point to point. We monitor the arrival of cargo for export by air transport, conduct verifications of all documents, prepare manifests and assemble and weigh the ULD pallets in accordance with each client’s specifications. Lastly, we provide departure details to the flight’s destination stations, supplying all information required by the Federal Revenue Service and delivering all documentation directly to the aircraft.


We have specialized teams trained to the most rigorous standards and requirements for orienting, handling and storing articles considered restricted for air transportation due to the risks posed to public health, security, property or the environment.


We work with the operational departments of airlines, providing all labor through a specialized aircraft servicing team capable of cleaning aircraft and lavatories, replenishing water supplies and supporting crewmembers, in addition to transporting airport crews between their hotel and the airport.


Working strategically with the operational department of our client airlines, our employees are qualified to load and unload aircraft.


We handle the entire process of clearing transported cargo. Our services begin when the aircraft reaches its destination, when we collect all cargo documentation and distribute it to the airport and government agencies involved in the operation, including inputting information into the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service’s Mantra system.  We physically check all cargo, unload with the Federal Revenue Service, deliver all import agent or representative documents, receive shipments and aid in resolving any issues.


We transfer cargo between airports to counterpart companies, as well as transfer cargo for ground transportation.


Our team loads and unloads domestic and international cargo using pallets in a quick and careful manner, while employing physical controls and conducting inventories.


We intermediate processes related to import and export clearance, logistics and operations for materials, as well as to maintenance and catering operations for airlines, working together with the Federal Revenue Service and with Infraero and with import declarations, customs control declarations (DAF) and export orders.